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March 2020 Formuler Z8 & Z Alpha Software Update

Firmware Version: v1.4.60

MYTVOnline 2 Version: v7.6.10

Hello Formuler fans,

We are back with our new software release for Formuler Z8 and Z Alpha in March!

These release notes provide the most up-to-date information about new features, known issues, and improvements so please read them through for more information.

One of newly added features you will notice is supporting Google Assistant button for voice search function. In order to use this function, you need a compatible remote, which has Google Assistant button on it, and pair the remote with your Formuler Z8 or Z Alpha.

Smart grouping on VOD and auto frame rate (a.k.a AFR) should also be a great add for enhancing viewing experience.

We recommend users install this update to enjoy better features and more stable functionality to your device.

You can download the OTA software updates directly from your device using the built-in update app.

Release Notes:

Firmware Version: 1.4.60

Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

Change Log

New Features, Fixes & Improvements

ㆍADD: Google Assistant & Voice remote compatibility

ㆍADD: Support for different external physical keyboard layouts (AZERTY)

       - Change layout from Android Settings > Keyboard > Layout

ㆍIMP: 5GHz Wireless channel plan improved

ㆍIMP: Enable 24Hz selection from resolution menu (if supported by the TV)

ㆍFIX: Certain apps unable to start from the launcher

ㆍFIX: External AZERTY keyboard layout

ㆍBug fixes, optimizations, and performance enhancements

MYTVOnline 2: 7.6.10

Install and use at your own risk. Software cannot be rolled back after installation.

Change Log

New Features

ㆍADD: Auto Frame Rate matching

       - Turn on AFR from the Settings menu

ㆍADD: VOD Smart Grouping

       - Turn on Smart Grouping from the Settings menu

ㆍADD: VOD Codec details

       - Press Info on the remote during playback

ㆍADD: Support for teletext subtitles on non-standard pages

ㆍADD: Support for m3u radio channels

Fixes & Improvements

ㆍIMP: VOD > Display more metadata

ㆍIMP: VOD > Empty categories are not shown anymore

ㆍIMP: VOD > History: Delete single history item

       - Press and hold OK on a history item to delete it from history

ㆍIMP: Series > Automatically display same subtitle language in next episode

ㆍIMP: VOD > save subtitle & audio track preference on resume

ㆍIMP: VOD > Allow jumping to Live TV during VOD playback by pressing Live TV button on the remote

ㆍIMP: VOD > Scroll from first to last episode more easily

ㆍIMP: EPG > choose if catchup EPG data will be populated in the Grid EPG or not.

       - Toggle from the Settings menu

ㆍFIX: Series > Previous subtitle displayed in current episode

ㆍFIX: Radio picons not displayed

ㆍBug fixes and performance enhancements

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