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October 2019 Formuler Z-Series Software Update

Hello fans and supporters,

Thank you for waiting. The new software update for Formuler Z-series models is now available.

In this update, there are new features added as well as several known issues fixed. These release notes provide the most up-to-date information about the update so please read them through for more information.

One powerful feature added is a live cloud timeshift on supported services. You can use cloud timeshift when you want to watch a current live event from the beginning. For instance, even though you are 15 minute late for a live football match, you can now watch the match with a kick-off whistle by cloud timeshift.

We recommend users download and install this update for enjoying better features and more stable functionality to your device.

You can download the OTA software updates directly from your device using the built-in update app.

Release Notes:

Formuler Z-Series Firmware Version v2.8.90 / v1.2.90

Fixes & Improvements

  • FIX: System Video Player always defaults to Full-screen playback

  • IMP: Added ability to log out of Google Account

  1. Access from Android settings > Accounts > ActionMenu > Remove account

  2. Mouse cursor mode required

  • FIX: YouTube TV app not working on certain models

  1. Choose ‘Later’ if prompted to upgrade YouTube TV

MYTVOnline Version: v1.9.92

New Features

  • ADD: Live Cloud Timeshift on supported services

  1. Start Cloud Timeshift by pressing the lt (prev.) button on the remote when channel info is shown on a live channel

  • ADD: Hide unwanted channel groups

  1. Access group editor from Live > Groups > red hotkey

  • ADD: VOD/Series sorting. Sort by newly added.

  • ADD: Single Channel EPG for XC API portals

  • ADD: Show current event name in channel history list

Fixes & Improvements

  • FIX: App crashes a few seconds after connecting to certain portals

  • FIX: Cannot connect to certain portals due to HTTP redirection issue

  • FIX: App crashes when performing VOD search on XC API portals

  • FIX: “Video cannot be played” issue on certain XC API portals

  • FIX: Live > black screen issue on certain XC API portals

  • FIX: Per-channel audio track preference not saved

  • FIX: EPG Mode preference not saved when switching between portals

  • FIX: Recordings are overwritten if event name is the same

  • General bug fixes and performance enhancements

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