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S-series Software Update – v1.7.0

Applicable Models: S Turbo, S Mini

Version: v1.7.0

New software update for S-series devices has been released.

Download the latest S-series update from the Software Download menu in your device.

Firmware Version: v1.7.0

ㆍCHG : Newly designed Info Box Style

ㆍADD : Adjustment of picon size in Info banner

ㆍADD : Weather info, CAS info and network icons in Info banner

ㆍADD : Multi TP Scan function

ㆍADD : Picture Quality Setting

       - Setting -> AV output setting -> PQ setting

ㆍADD : OSD Transparency level adjustment

ㆍADD : Installation guide -> Wi-Fi settings

ㆍADD : Manually add Wi-Fi network

ㆍADD : VPN menu access from home screen widget

ㆍEnable RCU keys to move and select in VPN settings

ㆍIMP : Sleep timer up to 4 hours

ㆍIMP : Channel names and numbers shown on EPG search

ㆍIMP : Satellite names simplified

       - Factory reset required

ㆍFIX : Launcher error when EPG searching by languages other than English

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