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September 2017 Z-Series Software Update

Firmware Version: 2.7.76

MYTVOnline Version: 1.7.0

Updated Models: Formuler Z Prime /  Formuler Z+ / Formuler Z

The long awaited Formuler Z-Series September update has been released over the network for all users. Proving again the dominance of the Formuler system solution, we have integrated advanced USB PVR and TimeShifting into MYTVOnline.

Users can now pause and rewind Live TV!

The unique Formuler solution allows for smooth Fast-Forwarding as well as up-to 16x Fast-Forward & Rewind speeds.  Replay your favorite moments at-will.

Use the PVR buttons on your RCU to use the new TimeShift functions.

Be on the lookout for slow-motion playback in the next Formuler Z-Series update.

Reboot your device now to receive the automatic OTA updates.

Advanced USB PVR & TimeShifting

Search for Channels by Name

New Scan Tables for USB DVB-T tuner

Formuler Z-Series Firmware Version 2.7.76

  • General performance enhancements, UI improvements, and bug fixes

  • Improved Turkish translation

MYTVOnline Version 1.7.0

  • Local Timeshifting enabled (Requires USB drive)

  1. Pause, Rewind Live TV!

  2. Advanced and powerful PVR trick modes for smooth fast-forwarding and reverse.  2x / 4x / 8x / 16x FF & REW speeds available.

  • Channel Search enabled

  1. Press the GREEN hotkey to search for channels by Channel Name

  • Added DVB-T scan tables for UK and Ireland

  • Added Playback Limit function for service operators

  1. Service Operators: Set the Playback Limit parameter on the server to Limit the duration of continuous playback for a single stream.

  2. Save bandwidth, electricity, and prevent screen burn-in with this feature.

  • Fixed portal login issues with certain portals

  • Fixed incorrect stream playback issue when zapping channels on certain portals

  • Fixed subtitle display issue with certain streams

  • Improved UX for multi-depth VOD contents (Series/Season/Episodes/etc)

  • Improved Channel List and Info Bar UX

  • Improved grid EPG performance

  • Improved support for user-downloaded audio codecs.

  • General performance enhancements, UI improvements, and bug fixes

  • Improved Russian translation

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