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Z-Series Firmware Patch Released

A minor firmware patch for Formuler Z-Series has been released in advance of next week's comprehensive Z-Series software update.

Reboot your Z-Series device to automatically receive the new firmware. 

Formuler IPTV Firmware Version 2.7.62

  • Fixed compatibility issue with Skype App

  • Default launcher app banners now visible in the homescreen shortcut editor

  • Improved image scanning performance in the homescreen shortcut editor

  • Use the OK key to select APKs from the Auto APK Installer window

  1. Previously, only the RED key could be used.

  • HOME key now functions when on page 2 or 3 of the homescreen

  • Easy APK Deployment Tools Enabled

APK Deployment Tools

A new automated STB configuration system has been developed for installers and system operators.

This Deployment Tool allows installers and system operators/integrators to easily offer and deploy a custom STB configuration to end-users via an Android app (APK).

When this APK is run by the end-user, it will automatically configure the STB with a pre-defined configuration.

System look-and-feel, MYTVOnline Portal settings, and KODI can be auto-configured by the end-user with this new system.

Request the Deployment Tools and documentation from your authorized Formuler sales rep.

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